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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Various Keywords used in Google Search to get special results.

Keyword Filetype:

Google allow you to search special file types such as .Doc, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .ps, .pdf etc. I will give you a simple example:
If you want to find the pdf files which having the word “Java programming” follows steps given below:
1.Go to the .com
2.Write the query in the Google search box filetype:pdf Java programming.
3.Google gives the millions of links of files having extension .pdf. containing word Java programming.

Keyword Intitle:

Intitle keyword gives the result of text given in the title of web pages.
If you want to search documents having a keyword “Red Hat Linux” in the title of document the simply type a query intitle: Red hat Linux and fire a query by pushing Google search button.

Keyword Site:

this query filter the Google search result to the specific Domain.
This trick allows you to use Google search engine as for specific site i.e. the resultant links given by the Google restricted to given domain only. Syntax to use this query is

Site: “site address” the word which you want to search.
Example: I want to search information about the windows 7 operating system only on the Microsoft’s authorized site
Query is: Site: windows 7

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